Road 118




A fragrance that captivates you with its distinctive elegance and bold spirit. It is a fragrance that reflects confidence and exclusivity, mixed with unique ingredients that harmoniously blend to create a unique aromatic experience.

Perfume composition:

It belongs to the category of oriental leather perfumes. This category is characterized by its strong and deep compositions that rely on leather ingredients with oriental touches that give the fragrance a mysterious and elegant character.

Perfume ingredients:

Leather, cotton candy, raspberry, apricot, patchouli, frankincense, musk, lily-of-the-valley

Who is this perfume for?

It is suitable for individuals who are looking for a unique fragrance that reflects their bold and distinguished personality. It is suitable for those who love strong and deep leather fragrances, and who want to look elegant and unforgettable. This fragrance reflects strength and confidence, and is suitable for special occasions and times that need a touch of unique attractiveness.

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