Pure Amber


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“Pure Amber”

A fragrance that captivates your senses with its refreshing scents and fragrant flowers. It is a fragrance that combines stability and fragrantness, as fresh flowers merge with a touch of luxurious Omani frankincense in the heart of the fragrance.

Perfume composition:

It belongs to the category of fresh floral fragrances. This category is distinguished by its light and refreshing floral scents that add a touch of vitality and radiance.

Perfume ingredients:

It is considered one of the refreshing and fragrant perfumes that are characterized by stability and fragrantness. The top note is fragrant flowers, the luxurious Omani frankincense in the middle, and the end of the fragrance is a mixture of refreshing flowers.

Who is this perfume for?

It is suitable for individuals who prefer fresh and light floral fragrances. It is suitable for times when a touch of freshness and freshness is required, whether in everyday times or during warm days. It can suit both men and women, especially those who appreciate light and refreshing fragrances.

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