Nafhat Albukhour



Nafhat Albukhour :

A fragrance that combines mystery and luxury, captivating you with its deep and harmonious touches. It is a fragrance that transports you to a world of charming oriental scents and classic elegance.

Fragrance composition:

It belongs to the category of luxury oriental perfumes. This category is distinguished by its deep and sensual compositions that are based on traditional oriental ingredients that give perfumes a distinctive character and high stability.

Perfume ingredients:

Introduction to the fragrance, the smell of luxurious leather, in the heart of the fragrance, a vanilla flower with a mountain walnut flower, and at the base of the luxurious frankincense

Who is this fragrance for:

A whiff of incense is suitable for individuals who love luxurious and mysterious oriental scents. The fragrance gives the person who wears it a sense of confidence and elegance, which makes it suitable for formal occasions and times when it is required to appear at its best.



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