Sweet Vanilla


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  • Sweet Vanilla for hair:
  • Hair perfume that captivates the senses with its delicious and seductive scent. It offers a unique aromatic experience that takes you on a journey of sweetness and warmth, leaving your hair shiny and fragrant with a distinct touch.

    Fragrance composition:

    It belongs to the category of sweet and seductive floral fragrances. This fragrance is a great choice for adding a touch of warmth and sweetness to your hair.

    Its components:

    Introduction to perfume: The fragrance journey begins with a touch of sweet vanilla and bright fruits. This introduction creates a seductive and refreshing effect.
    Middle fragrance: blends in the heart between light floral notes that add a touch of femininity and tenderness.
    Perfume base: The aromatic journey ends with a charming harmony of wood, patchouli and oud oil. This base adds depth and stability to the fragrance.

    Who is this fragrance for:

    It is suitable for individuals who want to enhance the appearance of their hair with a touch of elegance and femininity. It is suitable for all ages and can be used at different times, whether it is day or evening. Its pleasant and distinctive scent gives you a sense of confidence and happiness throughout the day.

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