Samgh Ulluban



“Samgh Ulluban”

A fragrance that captivates you with its fragrant and distinctive aroma. It is an aroma that focuses on embodying the attractiveness and luxury of the luxurious frankincense of Oman

Perfume ingredients:

It comes with its introduction: The scent of juniper berries
Perfume heart: contains violet flower and musk
Perfume base: consists of sandalwood mixed with tobacco and luxurious Omani frankincense to give you the impression of distinction.

Perfume composition:

It belongs to the category of oriental floral perfumes. This category is characterized by its complex compositions that combine flowers and spices with distinctive oriental touches. This category appears with mysterious and warm scents that reflect luxury and elegance.

Who is this perfume for?

It is suitable for individuals who prefer luxurious and distinctive oriental perfumes. It is suitable for people who are looking for mysterious and attractive scents that reflect elegance and luxury. It can be suitable for special occasions and times when you need a touch of elegance and distinction, whether it is formal meetings or special times in the evening.

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