Patchouli Bukhour


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patchouli incense

A charming fragrance that combines traditional incense notes with a touch of luxurious patchouli. It is a unique combination of spirituality and meditation, with a modern interpretation of ancient traditions.

Incense composition:

– Incense scents: It includes the traditional scent of incense, which promotes an atmosphere of stillness and meditation. It gives the incense a perfect balance and a distinctive aroma.

A touch of patchouli: gives a touch of luxury and depth. Patchouli blends with the scents of incense to add a distinctive harmony to the experience, turning it into an amazing experience.

Suitable for:

Suitable for lovers of incense and deep scents. It is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a traditional experience with a modern twist. Often used in spiritual and meditative occasions, it can be an ideal companion for meditation and relaxation. Contributes to creating an atmosphere of calm and stillness, which helps in achieving inner harmony and focus.

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