Luban Oud



Luban Oud

It is a fragrant experience that takes you on a journey of luxurious and deep scents. It is an amazing combination of the distinctive scent of frankincense and luxurious oud, which simulates the traditional oriental atmosphere and enhances the experience of relaxation and spirituality.

Incense composition:

Frankincense: The smell of frankincense adds a touch of authenticity and tradition. Enhance the stillness and meditation aspects of the incense burning experience.
– Luxurious Oud: It features a luxurious Oud scent that adds depth and mystery to the incense experience. Create an atmosphere of well-being and meditation.

suitable for?

It is suitable for lovers of luxurious and traditional scents. It is an ideal choice for those looking for a deep fragrant cultural experience. It is often used for special occasions and times when moments of calm and reflection are needed. It can be motivating for meditation and deep thinking, and helps create an atmosphere of peace and spirituality.

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