Amber Wood



“Amber Wood”

A fragrance that sparkles with the attractiveness of amber and the warmth of wood. It takes you on a journey through the scents of forests and trees with a touch of precious tobacco, creating an immersive and distinctive aromatic experience.

Perfume composition:

It belongs to the category of woody oriental perfumes. This category is characterized by its distinctive combinations that combine amber and wood scents with attractive oriental touches.

Perfume ingredients:

Top notes: saffron, cinnamon, incense, nutmeg, white peach, green apple, and Nepalese oud.
Heart notes: patchouli leaves and delicate jasmine.
Base notes: precious tobacco, amber, woody notes, vetiver, vanilla bean and white musk.

Who is this perfume for?

It is suitable for individuals who prefer warm and attractive fragrances, especially those who like the balance of amber with wood and tobacco scents. It is suitable for times when a touch of luxury and sophistication is required, whether for special occasions or for everyday use. It can suit both men and women, especially those who appreciate warm and lingering oriental fragrances.

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